John Tauxe's Mandolin Page

This is my web page for mandolin stuff. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a useful one-page Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) collection of several mandolin chords (rev 1.32, REVISED 9 Nov 08).

I have also exported each of these chords into its own little vector graphic image in Portable Network Graphics (.png), and have assembled them into this zipped archive: (a 700 kB zip file, REVISED 9 Nov 08).

For those using Windows, you might like the Windows Metafile (.wmf) format: (a 1.6 MB zip file, REVISED 9 Nov 08).

Now you can import the chords into a word processor for making music cheat sheets, with just the words and chords (as done below). I recommend LibreOffice Writer. Here's an example: Eyes_of_the_World.odt

Here is a new special effort, where I scanned a folk and popular song book called Winds of the People, converted it to PDF, and ran it through optical character recognition (OCR) to make it searchable. There are so many great songs in here!

Here are some mandolin chord arrangements that I have devised for some of my favorite songs. Check back later, as I add more. These are in PDF:

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