John Tauxe's Mandolin Page

This is my web page for mandolin stuff. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a useful one-page Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) collection of several mandolin chords (rev 1.32, UPDATED 9 NOV 08).

I have also exported each of these chords into its own little vector graphic image in Portable Network Graphics (.png), and have assembled them into this zipped archive: (a 700 kB zip file, UPDATED 9 NOV 08).

For those using Windows, you might like the Windows Metafile (.wmf) format: (a 1.6 MB zip file, UPDATED 9 NOV 08).

Now you can import the chords into a word processor for making music cheat sheets, with just the words and chords (as done below). I recommend LibreOffice Writer. Here's an example: Eyes_of_the_World.odt

Here are some mandolin chord arrangements that I have devised for some of my favorite songs. Check back later, as I add more. These are in PDF:

This page updated 4 January 2024