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The ShowFlow Modeling Interface is a graphical user interface for groundwater models. It is designed as a front end for existing DOS-based models, and runs as a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) program under every version of Microsoft Windows since 3.1x.

ShowFlow provides dialog boxes for model input data entry, and constructs an input file according to the DOS model's requirements. Model output files are read for data which are displayed as graphs in MDI document windows. Several graphs from different model simulations can be compared on the screen simultaneously, and graphs may be exported to the Windows clipboard for inclusion in other programs, such as word processors or graphics programs.

ShowFlow has to date been applied to two groundwater contaminant transport programs (SSGPlume and HSSM), with more in the works!

Best of all, since ShowFlow was first developed by a student supported by the taxpayers of the State of Texas and of the United States, it is free! And so is the source code! All I ask is that if you use ShowFlow, let
me know.

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