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Jelly Bean • A 1973 9-Seat Transporter Wild Westerner Edition

[1973 Wild Westerner Transporter]

General notes on condition

A deciphering of the M-codes:

Wherein it is revealed how this is known to be a 9-Seat Wild Westerner.

The M-code plate:

32 206 796
964350 D32 162 508 736
20 5 7236 UP 2215 41

Interpretation of the M-codes:

9643 Wild Westerner paint codes L65K Ravenna Green over L64M Apple Green, and the blue stripe at the belt line is L51P, Olympic Blue
50   interior leatherette schwarz | black
D32  USA specifications (includes several subcodes)
162  rubber molding for bumpers
508  vent wings in middle windows, and driver's side rear
736  unknown
20   week 20 of the year
5    Friday
7236 temporary serial number
UP   delivered to Portland, USA
2    Type 2 body
 21  Transporter, LHD
   5 9 seats
4    engine spec
 1   manual transaxle

Best Features

The Rolling Restoration

Current photos:

A few glamor shots




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