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BlueBird: A 1978 Double Cab

Rescued 23 May 2009

Here is the condition it was in when I bought it, poor thing.
[Neptune Blue Double Cab - as found]

And here it is after a bunch of work,
[BlueBird after wome work]

including new fuel lines, five new seat belts, refinished interior floor, repainted better rims and bumpers, new tires, new windshield, refreshed brakes, bearings and CV joints. Even a vintage Irish license plate -- it is an Irish bus, after all (and, yes, it is right-hand-drive). Now all it needs is a better engine and body work.

More pictures:
[left side]

[left rear]

[hauling wood]

[hauling trash]

[front seats]

[RHD cab]

[spare tire]

[color code neptunblau]

[YOM plate]

last updated 13 Mar 2011